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4 brightness levels, 3,000 Lux at 30 cm, 1,065 lumens, brushed steel finish.
4 brightness levels, 3,000 Lux at 30 cm, 1,065 lumens, brushed steel finish.

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I love my Slimline 3 for adding more light in front of my machine! With the ability to clamp it to your table, use a table base or permanently mount it by drilling a hole, you can find a way to put this light exactly where you need it to be. It has 4 different brightness settings so you can adjust the amount of light with just touching the power source. Two flexible sections means that you can get the light to shine into the throat space of your sewing machine so that the light is in front of the machine, not over the top casting a shadow where you need to see.

Karie Jewell

I use my Daylight Slimline lamp clamped to my nail tech table and could not imagine working without it. I bought it 3yrs ago and just bought the new Slimline 3 mainly to have a 2nd lamp that has different brightness levels … I LOVE my Daylight lamp and recommend it to all nail techs who ask for recommendations on which lamp is best 🙂

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When light matters

The third generation of the Daylight Slimline is ideal for seeing intricate work clearly and in detail. The aluminium shade emits a brighter light with a better diffusion. A four step dimmer allows brightness control. The slim clamp is non-obtrusive and comes in brushed steel for a sleek finish.
Technical Details
  • Light source: LED
  • Lumens: 1,065
  • Lux at 30 cm: 3,000
  • Colour temperature: 6,000 K
  • CRI: 80+
  • Energy consumption: 13W
  • Colour: brushed steel
  • LED rated life (hours): 50,000
  • 4 steps touch dimmer: 3,000 – 2,000 – 1,500 – 750 Lux
  • Maximum reach: 73 cm (29″)


  • Height: 65 cm (25.6”)
  • Width: 76 cm (30”)
  • Depth: 2 cm (0.8”)
  • Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lb)
  • Cable length: 2.4 m (94.5”)
Key Features
  • Aluminium shade with full length diffuser
  • Better spread and diffusion of light
  • 4 brightness levels
  • Flexible joints for perfect positioning
  • 2 years guarantee
Ideal For

Sewing, needlework, quilting
Nail artwork, permanent makeup
Fine arts and crafts