Sight Loss Lamps

daylight reading lamp

When light matters

For the past 20 years we have worked closely with the RNIB, local Macular Societies, and low vision clinics in the UK, Europe and US, to understand the needs of people with sight loss. Our accumulated knowledge, together with this continuous research, is the basis on which we design products for the visually impaired.

daylight reading lamp
daylight craft lamp

The Challenge

As we age, nearly all of us face the challenge of sight loss, but some of us face it to a very high degree, and often earlier in life. We understand the light requirements of people with sight loss can differ. That is why our ergonomic products provide minimal glare, optimal brightness, and color temperature control, bringing beneficial solutions to many.

We are proud and grateful for our strong connection to people with sight loss. From them, we have learned so much about improving light quality, and this has been of benefit to our customers in other markets.

Mr Patrick Jacquelin, Founder & Chairman