Magnificent Pro: 3-in-1 Magnifying Lamp

Craft 04-01-2022

Versatile floor magnifier, table magnifier and task lamp
This lamp will fit into any décor with its elegant, neat and unobtrusive design
Ideal for close up tasks, sewing, cross stitch, reading, embroidery and craft

The Magnificent Pro has been carefully created by our in-house Product Development team to give the highest performance and the most beautiful design. Paolo, our Product Design Manager, shares his thoughts and process behind creating the Magnificent Pro.

What inspired you to create the Magnificent Pro?

I wanted to create a magnifying lamp that doesn’t need to be put away when not in use because it looks so good in your home or studio.

What was your thought process behind the design?

As this is a magnifying lamp, I wanted to retain the simplicity of a magnifying glass. So on one hand, some functional and ergonomics features are kept in their simplest way, like the rotating head handle or the lens itself. On the other hand, the aesthetic look is conceived to be geometrical and clean, to respect the pureness of its shape.

Are there any standout elements that you’re particularly proud of incorporating into the design?

The overall cleanliness of the design is definitely one of those, in fact being able to hide its lens using a magnetic cover and complete the head circle shape. Also the ergonomics is noticeable in several details: the easy reach switch (away from the head), the rotating head, the brightness and the exceptional stability of this lamp.

Key Features

Semi-rimless magnifying lens
Large and clear (5″) 1.75X semi-rimless magnifying lens gives a unobstructed view of your work so you can see every detail.

Magnetically attached lens cover
No need for the magnifier? Protect the lens with the cover and use as an elegant task lamp.

Unrivalled quality of light
Bright 6,000K Daylight LEDs, and a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of over 95 give an excellent light quality and enable you to see colors accurately.

Easy to position
The flexible neck and arm allow for the lamp to be positioned exactly where you want without any drooping or movement.

Tech and Specs

Take a look at all the technical information and specifications for the Magnificent Pro: 3-in-1 Magnifying Lamp.


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Floor lamp, table lamp or task lamp: the choice is yours

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