Introducing the Omega 3.5 Magnifier Light

Craft 11-17-2020

Take the pressure off tired eyes when performing close up, detailed work

Fantastic quality of light designed to replicate natural daylight

Lightweight and easy to move around your workspace or studio


In the Greek alphabet, the word Omega literally means ‘great’. The handy size of this magnifying light is what makes it mighty, and we believe that great tools help to create great work. Whether you sew, quilt, or simply need a fantastic and focused source of light you can move around, we think you will love our brand new creation: the Omega 3.5.

A word from our team…


“From initial thoughts and sketches to developing the finished product, we create lamps that truly help people to see better and allow them to perform a task to the highest level.”

-Fraser, Product Development Director

“Our new Omega 3.5 is a prime example of how we develop our products in close collaboration with our partners by listening to their needs.”

-Luca, Northern Europe Business Development Manager



True light for your most colorful projects

See the difference great lighting makes to your craft, especially when carrying out detailed work. The Omega 3.5 emits high quality white light, designed to replicate natural daylight. Adapt the lighting to your task at hand with a choice of 4 brightness levels.

Take the pressure off tired eyes

If you’re prone to eyestrain, headaches and tired eyes from focusing your eyes for extended periods of time, the 5 dioptres (2.25X) magnification of the Omega 3.5 can help take off some of this pressure. The Omega 3.5 comes with a lens cover so you have the option of using the light on its own and uncovering the lens as and when needed for magnification. Please note that this product has no medical accreditation and is not a medical device.

Lightweight lighting

Easy to assemble, simply clamp the lamp wherever needed. A handy carry bag is also supplied – perfect for moving around.

Showcase your work

Try taking a photo or video through the magnifying lens to get an up close and clear shot in perfect lighting to show your audience your handiwork, develop your portfolio or post on social media.

Tech and Specs

Take a look at all the technical information and specifications for our Omega 3.5 Magnifier Light.

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We’ve got you covered 

We’re sure you’re going to love your Omega 3.5, however if you do change your mind, simply send it back within 15 days of receiving it for a full refund. Did you know that all our products come with a 2 year guarantee? Find out more here:


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