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Craft 02-18-2022

As creatives, we are playful, open-minded, and intuitive. We want to see the world from new perspectives and make the most out of our passions. We obsess over our creations and our imaginations grow from our environments.

Wherever inspiration strikes, day or night.

What time of day are you most inventive? Is there a special place you go to brainstorm your best ideas?

Set yourself up for success by understanding when you are most inspired, finding an environment that motivates you, and most importantly using the right tools to support your creative process.

Adventure with a twist.

Our Twist 2 Go rechargeable lamp has been officially unleashed (goodbye power cable!) and will become your ultimate creative companion.

It provides up to 8 hours of consistent and continuous brightness and will give you the freedom to illuminate your space wherever you are.

Built with features in mind.

  • Rechargeable lamp with up to 8 hours of consistent and continuous brightness
  • Lightweight and compact
  • 3 brightness levels
  • USB adapter and cable included
  • Battery power level indicator
  • Daylight 6,000K and 95+ CRI to see colors accurately

With colorful, teal accents making it easy to grip and carry around, you can craft on the dash, sew on the go, read where you need, and never worry about not having proper illumination.

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