HollyAnne Knight

HollyAnne Knight: CEO of String & Story and Online Quilting Educator

About HollyAnne

HollyAnne Knight founded String & Story in 2016, shortly after her first son was born. While she began by making tshirt quilts for folks all over the United States, she soon learned to free motion quilt and became passionate about teaching others to finish their own quilts with confidence. While online education was still unusual and viewed with skepticism within the quilting industry, HollyAnne didn’t want to travel to teach with two babies at home. She began leveraging Facebook and other social media platforms to reach students worldwide. Over five years later, String & Story serves over 20K students and has a brick and mortar store in Duluth, GA: String & Story on Main. When she’s not working, HollyAnne is either riding her Peloton, out for a run, or hanging out on the town green with her family and friends.

Email: hello@stringandstory.com

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