Coen Mitchell

Award-winning Tattoo Artist and Owner of Tattoo Gold

Based in New Zealand, Coen developed an advanced skill set in linework based tattooing, primarily through Polynesian and Maori art, and then went on to learn and extend his technical abilities in Realism Tattooing. In early 2017, Coen decided to leave New Zealand with a suitcase of tattooing equipment and begin the journey of a lifetime with no plans but to tattoo around the world. He continued his world travels full time over 3 years, working in many world renowned tattoo studios and conventions which really challenged him not only as an artist, but also as a young Kiwi adult from Bulls. During his travels, Coen’s main drive was to focus on becoming the best artist he could be, learning business fundamentals, growing the Tattoo Gold brand and developing new life skills. Now, Coen is back in New Zealand, having founded his very own Auckland-based high-end tattoo studio, Tattoo Gold, with his partner.

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