Stunningly Unique Floor & Table Lamps

Craft 04/11/2022

Lights unlike any other…


Our new Cometa™ Floor and Table lamps transform to your needs with unbelievable versatility by combining a highly functional task lamp with an elegant and beautiful aesthetic.





The name Cometa is Latin in origin, describing a wandering, bright star followed by a long trail of light.

Integrated with innovative Ray Technology™, Cometa™ eliminates glare, and throws light forward creating a powerful and controlled beam of asymmetric light, providing high levels of brightness to a specific area without disturbing anyone else in the room.


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Our brightest lamps yet, both provide adjustable shade height, variable brightness, and accurate colour rendering. Ideal illumination for reading, hobbies, working, or relaxing.

2 Colour Temperatures


Effortlessly alternate from daylight for reading and tasks to warm light for cosy atmospheres.

Ambient Light


Create a soft glow in the room. Task light and ambient light can operate together or separately.

Shade Movement


Adjust reach and spread of light with ergonomic handle.

Unique Style


A timeless design that blends elegance with perfect functionality.

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