ANITA Table and Floor Lamps

In Every Quilt, In Every Stitch…

ANITA is designed for quilters, stitchers, crafters, and more. It features powerful LED technology, delivering 2,500 LUX of daylight illumination for true-to-life colours. Available in table and floor options.

Anita Table Lamp

Anita Floor Lamp

The first step on your creative journey

Whether you’re a proficient sewer or quilter or just enjoy doing regular crafts, quality lighting is key to producing your best work and protecting your eyes.

Many of us love to relax with our projects in the evenings, but we understand that poor lighting can make it difficult to sew accurately and colour match correctly. Since the 1980s, we have enjoyed designing exceptional craft lamps and magnifying lamps that provide high quality light, enhancing the creative lives of so many craftspeople.



The key to enhanced productivity and fulfilment in SEWING AND CRAFTS.

Embrace the importance of high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) for true colour accuracy and vibrant creations with Daylight Lamps.

The Challenge

Many of our sewing and crafts customers can require five times the amount of light than we normally find in our homes. We ensure that all our lights are bright enough, as well as offering a broad range of  craft magnifiers to help with that extra detailing. The perfect colour matching qualities of our lamps are paramount to all.

This, alongside the daylight clarity of our lamps, means that we are able to provide comfort for your eyes. This will cause them less strain, protecting your eyesight for many years of crafting to come.


Whether cutting, sticking, sewing or long arm quilting, we have always worked closely with our customers to design a range that is custom-made to their needs, whether working at a table, in an armchair, at a stand, or at home or travelling to classes.

Mr Patrick Jacquelin, Founder & Chairman