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Craft 15/04/2019

By: Giuseppe Ribaudo of Giucy Giuce

I like to joke that I have two quilting identities. By day I work for Andover Fabrics in Midtown Manhattan as the Multimedia Manager of the Marketing department. I handle a lot of what our customers and end consumers see day to day, from sales presentations to trade show booths to social media. By night I am Giucy Giuce. I don a colorful quilted cape and create projects with bright fabrics and bold designs.

My Andover job keeps me busy from 9-5 while my Giucy Giuce alterego usually starts working after dinner into the wee hours of the night. By the time I finally sit down at my sewing machine the sun has usually gone to bed for the day.

It was a big adjustment for me when I started working a 9-5 job. I was an actor/waiter before I worked steadily in the quilting industry. I was so used to working on sewing projects during the day. When I got the job at Andover and had to switch to sewing at night, I very quickly realized I needed to up my lighting game.

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My first introduction to Daylight Company was with the Slimline lamp. It truly changed everything for me. I went from moving every light in my apartment to my sewing table to just using one slick, bright, beautiful light. It made such a remarkable difference. Better light meant better vision meant being able to work more quickly, more efficiently, more precisely. Recently I upgraded to the Lumi Task Lamp. It swivels, adjusts, gets brigter or dimmer. It is absolutely perfect for night sewing.

I never realized how lighting is an essential tool when sewing. Daylight’s lamps make it easy for me to work into the late night hours without straining to see what I am doing.


About Giucy Guice

Giuseppe Ribaudo resides in Queens, New York, just outside Manhattan. An avid modern traditionalist quilter, Giuseppe is inspired by quilts of all styles. Working with bold colors and graphic, modern prints, he loves to create quilts that marry the new with the old.

As a quilt instructor, Giuseppe travels the country teaching different sewing techniques, his favorites being English paper piecing and foundation paper piecing. He is incredibly excited about the release of his first fabric collection this fall with Andover Fabrics.


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