Introducing Ray Technology™️

Craft 04/11/2022

Light just for you.


A unique and revolutionary innovation, Ray Technology™ eliminates glare, and throws light forward creating a powerful and controlled beam of asymmetric light, providing high levels of brightness to a specific area without disturbing anyone else in the room.




Most lamps use a single bulb that emits light straight out of the shade – this has to be angled to aim the light, causing direct glare and discomfort for the user and others in the room.


Ray Technology™ aims a beam of light forward, with no glare, providing maximum light where it is needed most.


Superior light spread


Eye comfort for everyone


Light in the right place

Cometa Lamps


Magical and striking, Cometa Lamps emit light asymmetrically and are the first of our products to utilise our groundbreaking Ray Technology™.


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Daylight Design


Our passionate in-house Design Team develops from concept to execution. For over 30 years they have continually strived to enhance the aesthetics and function of our lamps to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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