Explore the Drawing Studio of Professional Pencil Artist, Kasper Købke

Art 11/01/2021

Kasper Købke creates award-winning, highly detailed artwork using only graphite and colour pencils. When working on these incredibly detailed drawings, he needs the very best lighting. Follow Kasper on a tour around his drawing studio where he demonstrates how he researches and creates his large-scale and smaller artworks using Daylight products…

Researching my work

I often do a lot of research before I start drawing my artwork, and this is the table where I sort it all out and decide what to draw. For that, I need good lighting. The Luminos from Daylight has three different levels of brightness. It is very bright, and the good thing about it is that I not only use it for research, I also use it when I draw.

I have the Luminos above my Wafer Lightbox which means I can get light from below as well from the top. I can also flip it so that when I draw I get light directly from the side, and I don’t get any shadows when I sit and draw. My drawing table is to the side of my research table, so I can fold the Luminos and flip it from the side onto my drawing table. And it doesn’t matter if it’s night or daytime, I get the perfect light every time.

Ready to draw

After doing my research, I’m ready to draw. I have my Luminos, which is on the highest brightness, and I have my Wafer Lightbox. I also have my Slimline here which has four different levels of brightness- I put it on the highest brightness. The good thing about the Slimline is that I can take down the brightness and I can turn the light as well, so that I get light directly from the top going straight onto my work and I get light from the Luminos from the side. I also get light from the Wafer Lightbox so I never have any shadows and I can draw at any time.

Drawing large scale artworks…

I draw very large scale artworks and I can draw directly on walls or on big canvases. When I put my artwork up on my easel, I need the light to come from above, and the Techne Artist and Drafting lamp is very good because it has three different levels of brightness. This is very important for me because when I draw, I draw very dark and I draw very light and all in between so I need to be able to shift the light depending on the area I’m drawing. Another good feature of the Techne Artist Lamp is that I can turn the arm and the shade so the light points directly at the spot where I’m drawing.

I can mount the Techne Artist Lamp with an easel clamp and also very easily take it out and mount it into a table clamp. When I need to sit and draw here in this corner, for example, it’s very useful to be able to take my Techne Artist Lamp and place it on this table clamp instead of my easel clamp. I then have the light coming further down the easel instead, and I can position it so it fits just as I would like. There’s also an anti-glare shade that is designed to make sure that I don’t get the light in my eyes.

Drawing smaller scale artworks…

When I draw my smaller artworks, I always use the Wafer Lightbox from Daylight because it is so important for me to be able to control the light on my drawing, no matter if it’s night-time or if it’s daytime, and have the same light on my drawings. The Lightbox comes in three different sizes, and this is the biggest one, which is the Wafer 3, which is an A2 size.

The good thing about the Wafer 3 is that it’s so thin, it doesn’t feel like a box, it just feels like a table. So if I sit here and draw, this doesn’t bother me at all because it’s so thin. Another benefit is that the Lightbox has light from what I would call from 0 to 100- it fades all the way up and all the way down- just hold the button to increase or decrease the brightness. This is so important because then I can control the precise amount of light on the specific area that I’m drawing on, and I draw very dark areas and I draw very light areas and therefore it is important for me to be able to see the difference, and the light from the Wafer Lightbox does that for me.

No matter whether it’s night-time or daytime, these lamps enable me to draw all the time without missing out on any of my tiny details.

-Kasper Købke

We’re proud to have Kasper Købke, Professional Pencil Artist,  as a Daylight Brand Ambassador. Take a look at his work on his website, as well as his Instagram, Facebook and YouTube channels.

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