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Professional 10/05/2021

Is your home office (or lack thereof) taking a toll on your job performance? Don’t despair. By making a few simple adjustments to your workspace, you can maximize your productivity today.

Whether you’re a first-time telecommuter struggling to be as productive from your couch as you are from your desk, or a manager looking for ways to keep your newly remote team engaged, here’s something you need to know about working from home: lighting can have a massive impact on our productivity, health and wellbeing – words we use a great deal, but which carry a lot more meaning at the moment.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of a dedicated study in our homes; most of us are tucked into a makeshift space in the corner of living rooms, and as such, the overhead lighting is unlikely to be suitable. It will probably be positioned behind you and cast shadows on your work area. If it’s suspended, then you may struggle with glare and reflections on your computer screen and the light levels it provides may not be sufficient.

The simplest solution? A trusty task light.

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