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Handwerk 01/04/2019
daylight craft lamp

By: Sarah Thomas of Sariditty

I am a one-woman show here at SARIDITTY, creating whatever my mind dreams up by combining my life experiences, thoughts, ideas, and colorful opportunities. Sometimes I’m struck by an idea at 2 a.m. and “need” to get it sketched on to paper right then and there. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for the Daylight Company products aiding me throughout my daily work, but especially for my middle-of-night strokes of genius!

From the Techne illuminating my art desk as I sketch, to the Quilta Longarm Lamp lighting up my workspace as I quilt, I can vouch for how much more productive I am and, also, how much better my eyes feel after a long day of designing, sewing, and quilting.

As a pilot, I relied heavily on natural light during the day and red light at night. As a gemologist, I always needed the brightest white light possible as well as UV light for certain aspects. As a sewist and quilter, I am reliant on bright, natural light to aid in my ability to sew seams with precision and see the thread quilted on to the quilt top without straining. And as a designer, I desperately need natural daylight all day everyday it seems!

daylight craft lamp
sewing machine light
sewing machine lamp

Part of my own designing is heavily based on my life’s experiences and sights I’ve seen – places I’ve lived in Puerto Rico and Mexico; trips I’ve taken to Croatia, Spain, and Cuba, for example. Color and color matching is a key element to my design process, and one bad choice of color can ruin an entire design or pattern. With one touch of the Luminos Lamp, my entire studio is alive with the purest form of natural daylight for which I could ever wish! I don’t even think a genie in a bottle could deliver such divine light! I can say, without a doubt, that my Go-To studio accessories *must* always include the Techne (for sketching and artwork), the Wafer Lightbox (for pattern sketching and foundation paper piecing), the Slimline Lamp (for my domestic machine and evening handwork), the Luminos Lamp (to light up my studio space), and the Quilta (for longarm quilting).

In this day and age, social media is a huge proponent to an artist’s visibility and marketing. Having the Luminos by my side to provide the best light possible for high resolution photos is comparable to nothing else. My social media game has definitely only gotten better since implementing the Daylight Company products. That, in itself, is a huge win in my mind! I can only hope you’re encouraged to add at least one or two Daylight accessories to your own life, whether you’re an artist, sewist, crafter, or what have you.

I can assure you your way will be lit like you’ve never experienced before, and your eyes will indeed thank you at the end of the day.

Sarah Thomas, Daylight Company Ambassador

About Sarah Thomas

A quick look at who I am and what I do today, and I’m willing to bet that you’d never guess I am a retired commercial pilot. My B.S. from Purdue University is in Aviation Technology, which then led to me as the corporate pilot for an engineering firm based in Indianapolis. Truth be told, I wear many hats: pilot, certified Personal Trainer, running coach, certified diamontologist, philanthropist, quilter, designer, artist. At least I can never complain of being bored! When I married my Air Force husband in 2011, my life and sense of “me” was put on hold to become the “dutiful” military wife. By the grace of God I figured out how to make myself useful and productive to my fellow military spouse group – I tapped into my creative brain space and started sewing baby keepsake quilts for the mothers. One thing led to another, and now here I am with a longarm and design business, SARIDITTY, and teaching quilting nationally and internationally.

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