Nobody Puts 7th Bone in the Corner (it’s usually the closet)

Craft 15/04/2019
sewing light

By: Erin Hogan-Braker of 7th Bone Tailoring

You know the final scene in the 1987 classic film “Dirty Dancing” where Baby is sadly seated at a giant table, awkwardly smashed into the wall?

She is trying to take in her sisters dismal performance at the talent show and struggling with her return to normalcy. Well, we feel for Baby. As professional on-set tailors our work for 7th Bone Tailoring only looks glamorous. We do have a front row seat to the world’s real life talent shows (watching JLo warm up for a performance turns us into fan girls every time) but in reality the space behind the scenes is just plain small. And cramped. We are often backed into corners, relegated to sewing on kitchen sink cover in packed RV’s, or worse yet, but not an uncommon day for us, we end up sewing in a closet.

You see, we have a unique job. We travel the world with our sewing machines and notions in tow, hemming the coattails of the rich and famous. We are masters of our craft called on to shape the clothing for some of the most iconic brands and celebrities. Often under do or die timelines and makeshift sewing areas.

That Grammy’s host perfect tux? That was tailored by Jenny Barone, in a dimly lit cranny of Madison Square Garden. Those racy Victoria’s Secret ads? The secret is our tailors nipping and tucking the lingerie and guarding the models from a wardrobe malfunction. The beach shooting location looks like bliss until the sun goes down and out goes the light. Where is the most common set up at a celebrities house? Where ever is out of sight and out of mind. No, these are not heartless celebrities forcing us into these closets — we just know we make a mess and sometimes it’s the only table available. Plus, to be fair, it’s a walk in closet.

About a year and a half ago, our real life Patrick Swayze, Daylight, arrived to save the day. Like the best Rom-Com movies, it was a chance encounter. The Daylight lamps first caught our eyes at a Bernina sewing machine conference. Their adjustable necks and powerful beams called out to us from the rows of vendors.

We typically sew 10 hours a day, 5 days a week and could tell this was going to be a different kind of relationship.

sewing machine light
sewing machine light
sewing machine lamp

I personally was using a beat up tin clamp light from Home Depot with a 70 watt bulb at the time. It was the only solution I could find for REAL light. I would always check the lamp section of all the major sewing and craft stores, but the demo LED models barely made a dent in the shadows.

Because our team of tailors are required to physically carry every piece of equipment we use, we refused to carry a half working clump of plastic. I thought I would be stuck with my crumpled (and always falling) clamp light forever. And then that sleek, sexy Slimline of a Swayze danced into our lives.

I thought I would be stuck with my clamp light forever and then that sleek, sexy Slimline of a Swayze danced into our lives.

True, baby still gets put in a corner (or closet) but with our Slimline’s holding effortlessly to tables, closet rods, or beach pop up tents, the 7th Bone show still goes on. Just like in the movie we started off nieve Babies thinking our eyes could strain or make due with makeshift lighting, but the moment we tried the Slimline and the graceful beam of light descended down on our couture projects, we were hooked for life. A Daylight lamp is truly something one needs to experience for themselves. It makes such a difference, our team happily packs them on our backs to carry a Daylight wherever the job may take us. We made the Daylight leap and nobody will ever put Baby in the corner again.


About Erin Hogan-Braker

The 7th Bone Tailoring Agency was created in 2011 by Erin Hogan-Braker as a way to honor her mentor, Master Tailor Nelson Arriaga and the craft of sewing. Nelson was a master of men’s custom tailoring and instructed: “we fit from the 7th bone”. When starting a fitting, Nelson would stand behind his clients evaluating the relation of the 7th vertebrae of the spine (C7) to the client’s overall posture. From here, the tailor begins to apply fitting techniques for achieving perfectly altered garments.

The team at 7th Bone Tailoring has continued Nelson’s tradition of craftsmanship. Our highly skilled tailors consistently work together to enhance their best practice sewing techniques, collaborate on custom projects and complete large-scale runway presentations. The 7th Bone tailors are known for their impeccable sewing skills, speed, and professionalism on location.

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