Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Art 07/06/2022

Forget tools, beer, and shaving products, we’ve gathered eight Father’s Day gift ideas that are as unique as they are. You will find a range of different personality types and hobbies.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and discover the right gift!

The Jet-Setting Dad

For the dad who refuses to check his bags (but insists on being prepared for any situation), a portable lamp that folds around your needs. “The Swiss Army knife of lighting solutions,” because it’s brilliantly bright up to 8 hours, height adjustable, with a rotating head. Highest quality of light, exactly where you want it.



The Journal Dad

Help Dad record his life stories, words of wisdom, and special memories with a desk lamp that provides function as well as ambience. He’ll be able to shed some light on his special memories while minimising eyestrain.



The Artsy Dad

If there’s a Dad in your life who’s got an artistic side, he’ll do his best work if he’s got the right drawing tool that will make his efforts shine. Ultra slim and ultra-light, the Wafer Lightbox is a must-have tool for tracing on paper or fabric.



The Reader

For the readers out there, you can’t go wrong with a reading lamp. It offers optimal lighting condition for any kind of activity that needs long hours. Since you are eliminating glare, this is an ideal lamp for any Dad who spends time reading or working at a desk.



The Outdoorsy Dad

A compact Twist 2 Go may be the easiest tool Dad has ever used on the go. He can hook it onto anything, and use it for family trips, outdoor hobbies, and everyday tasks.



The Dad Who Takes Children’s Games Very Seriously

Dads who relish the opportunity to teach the life lesson of winning and losing will love competing with their kids under the light of the Smart Go. They’ll keep it handy so games can be played at any time of day or night!



The Crafty Dad

Yes, he’s the guy that taught you how to change a tire, operate a drill, or fix a leaky faucet, but he might also be into embroidery and textile art. Life is short and cross stitching is great fun. Our Magnificent Pro 3-in-1 Magnifying Lamp makes the job a lot easier!



The DIY Dad

Dads are notoriously hard to buy gifts for. They seem to have everything and want nothing. When they do want something, they usually go ahead and buy it for themselves. Instead of buying Dad another gift he inevitably won’t use or already has, try a light Dad will need to tackle projects around the house.


Father’s Day, which is celebrated on Sunday, 19th June, is a time to celebrate family and loved ones and while presents aren’t the only way to show your appreciation for a father, a dad, or a father-in-law, they can be a great way to show just how well you know them. Find a gift your favourite fatherly figure will like, whether that’s something that represents your time together, lets him know that you miss him or just makes him smile.

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