Kickstart your passion project: top tips for a creative space

Craft 12/07/2021

Do you dream of having a special place for your creative projects? Having a space that’s uniquely yours and dedicated to what you love doing can do wonders for helping you feel more inspired, focused and productive. No matter your surroundings, here are our top tips for creating your very own creative nook…


1. Optimise your space.

You don’t need heaps of room to create your own arts or crafts haven. Whether you have an entire room spare, a cozy corner, shed or desk, you just need a spot you can make your own. Jenniffer Taylor rose to fame on Series 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee and often works under Daylight lighting in her She Shed.


2. Inspire yourself.

It’s time to dig out the inspirational quotes, art, photos books, postcards…anything that brings you joy! Make sure your space is filled with things that uplift and inspire you.

3. Let your work shine bright

Set up near a window if possible, but if not, make sure you have lamps with high quality, white light such as our Daylight products so you can create your best work, no matter where you are or what time of day it is. Consider investing in one of our Wafer Lightboxes so you can benefit from light below your work as well as on top.

4. Marie Kondo your creative space

They say a tidy space is a tidy mind…organising, colour coding and decluttering will you make you feel calm and in control. Use shelves, drawers and filing cabinets to your advantage and you’ll end up with a beautifully functional space that you look forward to working in- perfect for kickstarting your creativity!

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