A quick look at who I am and what I do today, and I'm willing to bet that you'd never guess I am a retired commercial pilot. My B.S. from Purdue University is in Aviation Technology, which then led to me as the corporate pilot for an engineering firm based in Indianapolis. Truth be told, I wear many hats: pilot, certified Personal Trainer, running coach, certified diamontologist, philanthropist, quilter, designer, artist. At least I can never complain of being bored! When I married my Air Force husband in 2011, my life and sense of "me" was put on hold to become the "dutiful" military wife. By the grace of God I figured out how to make myself useful and productive to my fellow military spouse group – I tapped into my creative brain space and started sewing baby keepsake quilts for the mothers. One thing led to another, and now here I am with a longarm and design business, SARIDITTY, and teaching quilting nationally and internationally. 

Sewing Space

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