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  1. Sewing Room Lighting Tips

    By: Erika Mulvenna | Original Article published for We All Sew Blog

    Your sewing area is more than just what’s under your needle, it also includes the space around your sewing machine. Good overall lighting in your sewing space can reduce eye strain and fatigue, helping you sew for longer periods of time. Here are our best sewing room lighting tips!


    A balance of good lighting by your sewing area (like my fellow BERNINA Ambassador Laura McDowell Hopper‘s space above) will help you focus on your task for a longer period of time while avoiding stress to your eyes. You may already be suffering from eye fatigue and not realize it! Straining to see your sewing project without proper light, direct glare from a light bulb in your field of vision, or looking at a focused bright area of light in a dark room for long periods of time can cause symptoms of eye fatigue. These symptoms can include headache, sore neck and shoulders, blurred vision or problems focusing, and even increased difficulty in concentrating on your task.

    To avoid problems with eye strain and fatigue, experts suggest a good balance of light in the overall area. This includes good task lighting and an even amount of diffused light in the room where you are working, and can combine natural light with artificial light.

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  2. Light My Way

    A quick look at who I am and what I do today, and I'm willing to bet that you'd never guess I am a retired commercial pilot. My B.S. from Purdue University is in Aviation Technology, which then led to me as the corporate pilot for an engineering firm based in Indianapolis. Truth be told, I wear many hats: pilot, certified Personal Trainer, running coach, certified diamontologist, philanthropist, quilter, designer, artist. At least I can never complain of being bored! When I married my Air Force husband in 2011, my life and sense of "me" was put on hold to become the "dutiful" military wife. By the grace of God I figured out how to make myself useful and productive to my fellow military spouse group – I tapped into my creative brain space and started sewing baby keepsake quilts for the mothers. One thing led to another, and now here I am with a longarm and design business, SARIDITTY, and teaching quilting nationally and internationally. 

    Sewing Space

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  3. Paper Piecing Pitfalls to Avoid with these Simple Tips!

    By: Amy Friend from During Quite Time

    I love paper piecing. That’s no secret! But I know that lots of people get frustrated by it. I have noticed a few mistakes that people commonly make that result in frustration. I thought I would create this list of potential mistakes to avoid, so that you have a better paper piecing experience!

    Paper Piecing Pitfalls

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  4. Fussy Cutting with Templates & Lightboxes

    By: Elisabeth (Woo) Hardy

    A few days ago I started working on my Single Girl Quilt. I love quilts that let me fussy cut with templates, but sometimes it can be tricky to get the perfect fussy cut, especially if you're working with a paper template instead of a clear acrylic template. I've put together a quick tutorial for perfect fussy cuts every time using the Daylight Company Wafer 2 Lightbox.


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  5. Pain-Free Sewing: Posture is the Key

    By: HollyAnne Knight from String & Story

    My name is HollyAnne Knight, and it is my job to guide you to quilt with confidence. I am a twenty-something wife and mama of two little boys. We love books, home cooking, romping outside, and anything that requires creativity and imagination. I made my first quilt because my mama had a pile of special tshirts that she wanted transformed into a warm, useful, loved quilt. That first tshirt quilt quickly became a love of all things quilting. Quilting has been a happy place as we had our boys just 14 months apart, as I battled post-partum depression, and as we’ve weathered all the ups and downs of life. Today, the purpose of my company, String & Story is to educate and inspire women to be the Quilting Rockstars I KNOW they can be.

    String and Story Posture

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  6. Guided by the Light

    By: Initial K. Studio

    As a one woman show of Initial K Studio, my time is extremely valuable and I’m constantly looking for ways to streamline my productivity in the studio. My introduction to the Daylight Company began last year while at QuiltCon and I have to say, their products are an absolute game changer in the sewing and quilting industry. The versatility and dependability of their products, such as the Slimline LED table lamp, has boosted my productivity in the studio tenfold.

    Guided by the Light - Initial K Studio

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  7. By the Light of Daylight

    By LillyElla Stitchery

    I recently did an internet search for “Essential Sewing Tools.” I knew what the results would be — pages of articles talking about scissors, cutting mats, rulers, and everything else one might expect. Some even included things such as masking tape in their list of “Everything a Beginner Needs!”, but what every article left out was the one essential tool that is so often overlooked, light.

    Today I want to share with you more about my favorite essential light tools for creating from The Daylight Company.

    By The Light of Daylight - LillyElla

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