Aura Ring Lamp VS Gemini: which is best for you?

Health & Beauty 15/03/2021

If you’re looking for lighting that’s perfect for creating high quality content, illuminating a variety of tasks and is beautiful from the inside and out, our Aura Ring Lamp and Gemini are the ideal tools. But which should you go for? We break down the key features of each so you can pick the lamp most suited to your needs.

Ring lamp vs twin shades

A key difference between these lamps is the way their shades diffuse light. The LEDs on the Aura Ring Lamp are positioned around the outer edge of the ring and aimed through a special lightguide diffuser, giving a wider spread of light, a softer glow and no direct glare. This is ideal for front-facing camera filming and applying makeup, and is easier on your eyes as well as the eyes of your client. The shade of the Aura is fully adjustable so you can place it in the exact position and angle you need.

The twin shades of the Gemini have LEDs that directly illuminate through the diffuser, increasing intensity. This produces more focused light and the diffusers on the shades ensure the light is evenly distributed. Each shade can be moved independently and positioned as needed. This makes the Gemini ideal for eyelashes and eyebrows, and there’s no need to worry about glare as the shades ensure the light is directed away from your eyes and focused down onto the client you’re working on.

Full body shots vs client close-ups

Both lamps are height adjustable, however the maximum extension of the Gemini puts it at 135 cm (53″), making it the perfect height for popping over your reclining chair or lash bed. The low base slides unobtrusively underneath so you can get the light as close to your client as possible. With a maximum height of 198 cm (78”), the Aura Ring Lamp is taller, and therefore more suited to taking full height body shots or after shots of yourself or your client.

Show off your work wherever you are

Both the Aura Ring Lamp and Gemini come with a handy carry bag with a shoulder strap and a slot at the back that you can hook onto a wheelie case or suitcase. Each lamp is made up of 4 key parts- the shade with phone holder, pole, base plate and plug-in power supply. Stable and lightweight, the base plate of both lamps is discreet and unobtrusive- there’s no need to worry about tripping over it while you work. Each lamp comes complete with a handy clip for the cable so you can keep your beautiful workspace neat and tidy. The removable phone holder and built-in USB port are useful for slotting in your mobile phone and charging it while filming or taking photos of your work. Please note that the USB cable for phone charging is not supplied but you can use the standard USB cable that comes with your mobile phone.

High quality light

The Aura and Gemini use Daylight LEDs which never need replacing and will last the lifetime of the product. Both lamps emit pure white light (daylight temperature of 6,000 Kelvin) and have a high CRI, perfect for exact colour matching and seeing detail clearly whilst working.

Both the Aura Ring Lamp and the Gemini are a beautiful addition to any space and we’re sure that your new lamp will help you work in more comfort and with increased clarity. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us

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