Slimline magnifying arm


Magnifying arm for the Slimline range of lamps
Magnifying arm for the Slimline range of lamps
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The Magnifying arm is designed to clip onto a lamp stem. The 13 cm rimless diameter lens gives 1.75X magnification (3 dioptres). Its strong but flexible arm allows easy positioning onto your work. Focus on the teeniest and most complex part of your work without straining your eyes.
Technical Details

Colour: brushed steel / black
Lens diameter: 13 cm (5″)
Lens material: Acrylic
Magnification: 3 dioptres (1.75X)
Maximum reach: 57 cm (22″)

Height: 60 cm (23.6″)
Width: 13 cm (5″)
Depth: 10 cm (4″)
Weight: 0.4 kg (0.8 lb)

Key Features
  • Circular lens 13 cm diameter
  • Acrylic lens
  • 3 dioptres (1.75X) magnification
  • Metal arm
  • 57 cm maximum reach
  • Easily clips onto a lamp stem
Ideal For

Slimline range: D35127, D35117, D35116, D35106, D35107, D35118, D35108
D31375 Artist Studio Lamp with stand