Industry & Inspection Lamps

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Vision with Precision

Our close relationship with our industrial customers involved in manufacture, mechanical and electronic inspection, including ESD inspection, has given us a deep understanding of their needs.

As pioneers in this field, our range has evolved with technology, and we are proud of our range of the highest quality industry and inspection lamps and magnifiers worldwide.

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When light, magnification and ergonomics matter

Inspection of mechanical and electronic components is of paramount importance to maintain high quality standards, especially within an ESD safe environment. We know that the right light intensity and colour temperature, combined with the ability to position the light easily where needed, as well as magnification to see detail accurately, are of vital importance.

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inspection lamp

The Challenge

Our goal is to constantly improve our customers’ ability to inspect more effectively. Our products are designed for industrial and electronics customers of the highest standards, to facilitate detailed inspection in their particular environment.


Our range of ESD lamps and magnifiers are specifically developed for use in electrostatic protected areas, and are constructed from special conductive materials and coatings that safely dissipate static, and ensure compliance with EPA standards.

Our customers need to be able to see tiny, often critical components with confidence and ease. We build reliable, competent lamps, aimed at giving them that confidence.

Mr Patrick Jacquelin, Founder & Chairman