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Art 07/09/2022

It’s that time of year again, families are ready to get back into routine with early starts, packed lunches and hours spent on homework! It may well be time to look at your home office and homework space’s lighting.

Great lighting in your home is proven to transform your space, elevate your mood and significantly improve your day-to-day life. According to the Vision Council, 65% of adults experience digital eye strain along with 50% of children taking online classes.

Introduce proper lighting to your workspace and protect your eyes with bright, evenly spread, high quality light. Stay motivated with great task lighting while concentrating on your work or hobby. Here are a few of our selections, to suit any budget.

If your home office or homework area has a contemporary edge, the sleek design of the Slimline Lamp will be a perfect fit. Made from aluminum with a brushed steel finish, the simplicity of this design makes a subtle statement. Four step dimmer allows brightness control. And the flexible joins enable you to direct light to wherever it is required.

The Twist 2 Go Lamp is a favorite among adults and children alike. The portable functionality means that it can accompany you wherever you are working. The Easy Twist Shade™, enables you to get the highest quality of light positioned exactly where you want it.

The Tricolor Lamp has a built-in ‘mood maker’. This allows you to adjust the brightness and the color temperature depending on what tasks you are carrying out and how much light you need. The large head of the lamp can be adjusted to enable you to focus on the details.

Finally, the Lumi Lamp does not need much of an introduction in design circles as it is one of bestselling light solutions. Adjustable height and direction make this the perfect task lamp for homework stations and home office desks alike.

Don’t let the sun set on your summer fun by easing your transition into your regular daily routine. We have a few simple tips to get back into the swing of things…

1. Plan Ahead

Start easing back into your regular routines a few days before back-to-school day. Using this method may help you adjust you sleep schedule more easily and get used to those early morning alarms. Set a routine that turns the lights to a low, warm glow two hours before bedtime so that your body knows it’s time to settle down.

2. Get your body ready

Starting the day into a darkened environment and struggling to get ready is a routine with which many of us are familiar. But it might not be the most efficient way to wake yourself up. The right light can bring a refreshing glow to your morning. With its brightness setting perfectly suited to a bedside table desk — this scene sets the stage for a productive day.

3. Create the bright environment

Creating a dedicated space solely for studying or working can help you focus and feel motivated. Make sure you have everything you need: have a supply station that contains pencils, pens, markers, and anything else you may need to complete your assignments.

4. Set time aside for you

There’s one other chore that should never be overlooked — taking care of yourself. Set aside the time you need to relax, recharge and unwind. Whether that’s curling up with a good book, watching your favourite show or simply enjoying your favourite hobby, you need to remember to put yourself first — at least for an hour each day.

Saying so long to summer is bittersweet but getting back to the daily routine doesn’t have wear you down.

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