Kerry Goulder

Artist, Designer, Instructor & Quilter

Kerry Goulder, Daylight Company Ambassador

About Kerry Goulder

Kerry Goulder has been sewing since she can remember. After college, a wedding and two children, Kerry began designing patterns under her Kid Giddy label, and wrote her first book, Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love: 18 Toy Patterns for the Storytelling Sewist. Kerry’s company motto is to “add more giddy to your life:” It’s a constant reminder to have fun and be happy. Kerry lives in Southern Maine with her family.

Kerry uses Daylight Co lighting all times of the day throughout her studio and home. During the many winter months in Maine, the various lights help with taking beautiful bright photos, as well as providing a feeling of brightness to prevent feeling the blues. During the day and especially during the night, the additional lighting reduces eye strain and helps give Kerry more time to sew to her hearts content.


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