Kasper Købke

Professional and Award-Winning Pencil Artist based in Denmark

About Kasper

Kasper is a professional and award-winning Danish Pencil Artist who works internationally, creating very realistic, highly detailed and often large-scale art drawings, all done by hand using graphite and colour pencils. Whether his art is drawn on a regular canvas, directly on walls or on 3D-sculptures, it’s always drawn by hand.

Kasper is pictured (left) in front of one of his large scale artworks. This piece is of Nørrebrogade, one of the busiest streets for cyclists in Copenhagen and measures an impressive 3 metres x 2.5 metres. View the video below ‘Drawing ‘Nørrebrogade, Copenhagen’ to see Kasper at work.

Kasper also gives many public speeches and facilitates many drawing workshops, courses and lessons for schoolchildren, companies and adults in Denmark and abroad. During his 13 years as an artist, Kasper has received 3 major awards: The Art Talent of the Year in Denmark (2010), the Klods Hans Award (2016) and the Hans Christian Andersen Award (2017).

“I have used your product for years because it’s the absolutely best for me working on my very detailed drawings. Your product ensures that I don’t miss out on any of my tiny details, especially because of the very bright light and the great possibility to fade the light from zero to 100 %, which I use every day on my drawings.”

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