A Portable Lamp With A Twist

Craft 24/09/2021

In need of proper lighting for your latest DIY project or a reading lamp on your bedside table?


The Twist 2 portable lamp was designed by our Product Development team with ease of use, portability, and quality of light in mind, making it a powerful and versatile lighting solution.


Easy to use


The Twist 2 Portable Lamp is easy to use for any age.
Operating it is as simple as opening and closing the Easy Twist Shade.
Twist 2 will illuminate a desk or work surface with evenly distributed light and minimal glare.

The shade is fitted with a high-quality diffuser which makes sure the light is evenly distributed and you don’t experience any glare.
Not only is proper lighting important for focus, it also protects your eyes from strain and discomfort.



The Twist 2 is lightweight, foldable, and portable with its easy to carry handle.
It has a solid and stable base, so you can place it anywhere and not worry about it tipping over.

The Twist 2 lamp was ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with one hand and has grey stripes on each side for easy grip.
With the Easy Twist Shade, shine light where you need it. The Twist 2 is perfect for bringing illumination to DIY projects.


Light Quality


Utilizing our newest research and technologies, our Product Development team created the Twist 2 Portable Lamp with quality in mind.
The Daylight Company has worked closely with the RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind), local Macular Societies and low vision clinics in the UK, Europe and US, to understand the needs of people with sight loss and create lamps, like the Twist 2, that help make a difference.

The high quality LEDs on the Twist 2 provide high contrast and clarity making details visible and has a Color Rendering Index, or CRI, of 95+, closest to natural daylight providing accurate colour matching.


The Twist 2 Portable Lamp was crafted with ease of use in mind. The simplicity of the interface is one of its greatest features.

To turn it on, lift the shade. To turn it off, close the shade.

Easy Twist Shade to adjust the light to where it’s needed.

Attached handle making it easy to grip and carry around.

3 brightness levels which can be adjusted by pressing the button on the front of the lamp.

The brightness button makes a clicking sound when pressed, designed to help those with sight loss.

95+ CRI closest to natural daylight providing accurate colour matching.

Learn more about the Twist 2 Portable Lamp:


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